A Hedgehog's Warning
Chaos Saga, Episode 14
Air date September 7, 2010
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Bad Egg
Island Throwdown
This is the second episode of the Chaos Saga. Sonic meets the Saiyans. Eddy tries to surpass Sonic in a race. Sonic then warns them of a test.


In Episode 14, as Sonic tries to find his way back to the heroes' town, Corey and Drew engage in a heated sparring match.

After Drew hits Corey into a rock, Corey powers out of the rock with the Kaioken x2. Drew follows suit. The Eds realize that this intensifies the training benefits as Corey and Drew continue their match, ending with both charging their Kamehameha waves. Meanwhile, Sonic is running in a forest nearby, when he hears the sounds of the beams clashing. He rushes towards the sound, and after Corey and Drew declare their match a draw, the blue hedgehog runs over Edd.

After introductions are made (Ed surprisingly does not say a thing), Eddy decides to prove his superiority by racing Sonic. Racing Sonic proves to be more difficult than he expected, as Sonic is able to outrun a Kaio-ken x10 Eddy easily. After the results come in, Sonic warns the heroes of the upcoming test and Shadow and Knuckles' distrust. He gives the heroes the latitude and longitude of Angel Island (having received them from Tails), to which Drew replies "there's nothing there!".

With that, he leaves the heroes. They are shown the next day, sparring with the Kaioken x5 level. After a brief spar, the Eds decide to make a XXXXL pizza (reference to "An Ed Too Many") to which Drew and Corey ask for explanation. Corey expresses confidence that they will be ready for the aforementioned "test", but Drew has his doubts about the Eds' faithfulness to training.



Ed, Double-D, Eddy, Corey, Drew and Sonic

Did you know... Edit

  • ...that this episode marks the first time out of many that Eddy and Sonic will race?

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