A Spirited Strategy
PowerPuff Girls Saga, Episode 45
Air date March 1, 2014
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Rumble in the Ruined City
A Legend Awakens
A Spirited Strategy is the eighth episode of the PPG Saga and the forty-fifth overall of the Ed, Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the battle in the ruined Townsville heats up, with Corey deploying a secret strategy to ensure the PPGs don't live another day...


"I'll need everyone's pull this off!"

After giving Senzu beans to Drew and Shadow, and re-energizing the rest of the heroes, Corey, aided by the other fighters, begin to take on the PPGs again, with Blossom vowing to send them "to hell, together". The heroes seem to be doing well, but after some fighting, Corey realizes it: they can't win at this rate. Their opponents are adjusting more and more as the battle drags on. Thankfully, Corey had an ace up his sleeve...

The Spirit Bomb, originally designed by King Kai: personally confirmed by the man himself. The kai proceeds to once more open a telepathic link to the world, as Corey asks for everyone to share energy. The NESF members hear this, and one-by-one, begin to share their Ki with him. Knuckles realizes Corey's plan, and helps out in his own way by having Chaos donate energy from within the Master Emerald. Eventually, Zach sets up a Galick Mine again, which proves instrumental to the success of the Spirit Bomb once Corey completes it.

The others proceed to get the three in the same spot, with Shadow stunning them with a Chaos Snap; just after Zach stunned them with the aftermath of his Galick Mine. Corey threw the Spirit Bomb down as the others began to get clear. However, Bubbles, knowing full well what the attack could do, powered up, breaking out of the Chaos Snap effect, and putting a barrier around her still-stunned sisters. Edd, sensing that Corey was struggling to push the bomb into them, even as a False Super Saiyan, quickly flew back, and assisted Corey in the final push, blowing them and the rest of the city up.

All seemed ready to be finished, but it turned out; the Super school still survived, even with the rest of the city reduced to a smoking, vacant lot. The heroes began to head back for the Superschool, Drew wanting to put the legacy of Utonium to bed once and for all despite the feelings of celebration going across the rest of the heroes...

"Good job, everyone..."

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