Race: Saiyan

Age: 17

Appears in:Eene Z: Another Road.

Allies: The Eds, Kevin, Rolf, the kids.

Enemies: Jonny/The Gourd, Clovas

Alister is a saiyan that appears in Another Road. In this continuity, he fills in for the Cousin Trio as the Eds teacher. He is Leon's rival.


Alister is a young man with fair skin, and black hair, with three bangs sticking out of one side. His casual outfit consists of a grey hoodie with black pants. His fighting outfit is a red gi with a black undershirt. He has a penchant for wearing sunglasses.


Alister is rather layed back, but is not one to shy away from combat, or heavy training. He is also very confident in his abilities to the point of wearing his sunglasses when fighting. However, he knows when to take things seriously.


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Spirit Gun/Reigun