Zuki,Corey,and Drew

The Awaken is a fighting technique which has some similarities to the Kaioken.

Overview Edit

The Awaken has changed over the course since it's creation, but functions the same in it's core. When used, the Awaken tints the user the color of their natural aura color. However after the a certain master point, the color changes to blue for all.

The Awaken primarily increases the user's speed to lengths dependent on the mastery of the skill. It also increases the other properties of the user's body, but to a lesser extent.

Universe 2535 Edit

In the Universe 2535, Zuki invented the Awaken during the events after the School Wars, but furthur developed it during the course of the Heritage Saga.

It made it's debut in Universe 2535's Episode 21: Final Assault, where it was used in the final battle with Power Prof.

After which Zuki further began to develop the technique until it was able to reach the "Times 150" range.

The Awaken within the context of Universe 2535 unlocked the ability of Time Manipulation. With this Zuki was able to speed up time in a certain area to the point of exploding, slowing down time to stop opponents, rewinding wounds to the point of never having happened or fast forward the healing process.

Universe G-5 Edit

The Awaken Technique does not appear in this universe because SSJ5G "Wanted to keep something unique to Universe 2535 (The Text Story)."

Even so, Zukai (Zuki), the creator of the Awaken in Universe 2535, has made an appearance in this universe, but it is unclear whether or not he has created, or even conceived the idea for the Awaken.


  • The Awaken has taken a spiral over the years. Originally it allowed the user to manipulate time. Then it was changed to manipulating molecules, then back to time; but it's core aspect was always that it increased the speed of the user fare more greatly than the Kaioken.
  • Very recently it's name was changed to the Zanken (The Interim Fist). Even more recently, however, it was changed back to Awaken. As well as the Awaken being the precursor to the Zanken.