Blaster Shell (or Eraser Cannon) is a green energy sphere that is small, but is "packed with a lot of energy despite its small size!", with the resulting explosion causing quite a bit of damage. 
Eddy Blaster Shell

Eddys first use of the Blaster Shell


First, the user charges their ki from around their body and gathers it into their palm to form a bright-green energy sphere (The sphere is a dark shade of orange if the user is in a False Super Saiyan form). Next, the user thrusts their hand forward and fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting significant damage.

Usage In CanonEdit

Eddy first uses the Blaster Shell in Episode 13 against Ed in a sparring match. After attempting and failing to block it, Ed remarks on how cool the attack is, to which Eddy reveals that his brother taught him it.

Since then, the Blaster Shell has become one of Eddy's favored energy attacks, with it being utilized in several episodes. Examples include #19, #25, and #36.

Known UsersEdit


Eddy's Brother


  • This technique serves as one of the first confirmed to be used by Eddy's Brother, its first use also serving as one of the first mentions of the character being a fighter.