Brawl in the Creek of Peaches
Heritage Saga, Episode 11
Air date July 22, 2010
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Final Android!
Battle for the Fate of the World
This is the eleventh episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z. The Saiyans finally face the Power Prof. in an all out brawl.


A week passes, and our heroes go to the Cul-De-Sac to warn the Kids of the oncoming threat of Utonium himself. Just as they finish warning the Kids, a bright light fills the area and Professor Utonium/Power Prof. appears. After a quick taunt, Corey and Drew use the Kaioken x10 and fight Utonium. Despite their best efforts, and Corey's new technique, the Rasengan, the veterans are knocked out by the powers of Chaos. Just as Utonium prepares the final blow, the Eds interfere, and are also beaten back. Edd uses his Scatter Kamehameha to take out Power Prof.'s Chaos Clones, but when Edd thought he destroyed him and his Chaos Clones, Power Prof. grabbed him, threw him, and vaporized his hat. Then, Corey and Drew awake to help out the Eds, but even with their best effort, Utonium still stands. With a team maneuver, ending with Corey's Kamehameha and Drew's Special Beam Cannon, it appears Utonium has been beaten. But the ground starts shaking, and Utonium vows it is far from over, as the seven Chaos Emeralds come to his side...

Did you know... Edit

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