Conspiracy Theory
PowerPuff Girls Saga, Episode 41
Air date July 23, 2013
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Conspiracy Theory is the fourth episode of the PPG Saga and the forty-first overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the heroes discover the origins of the Powerpuff Girls and begin their intense training.


As Edd and Tails went to work on the gravity chamber, Drew went into the government files, feeling a surge of familiarity shared by Corey and Zach. The new creations resembled old foes they'd fought seven years ago. During this, it was also discovered that the Cousin Trio were not the lone martial artists behind victory in the School Wars. Three other Saiyans, Tai Ma, Terra, and Alicia, a Namek, Makuta, an anthro, Streak, and an Android, Jasper, were also involved in something called the "Neo Earth's Special Forces", who did battle with the earliest known versions of the prototypes...

Until Shadow cross-checked Buttecup's unfriendly remarks, and discovered that Utonium's grandfather, James Utonium, had competed for the Ultimate Lifeform project fifty years prior! Moreover, Utonium Sr. was the one responsible for the G.U.N. raid on the ARK! With this new information, the heroes trained at 300 times gravity, as the Powerpuff Girls began to lay waste to Townsville...and some Nappa recolor in denial.

However, Corey bailed, and searched for the one Saiyan that had helped him and his friends time and again...

Son Goku.

Did you know...

  • ...that this episode is one of the few to introduce a large amount of characters?
  • ...that this is one of the few episodes to have a publicly announced delay, so that the NESF sprites could be made?