Cousins Kamehameha


Corey, Drew

Techniques Used:




Cousins Kamehameha is a Ki blast fired by cousins. The cousins must be side by side and both be using the Kamehameha Wave. When fired, the two beams fuse into one huge devastating attack.
Cousins Kamehameha

Corey and Drew unleashing the Cousins Kamehameha

Usage in CanonEdit

Drew and Corey use this attack after geting a power boost with energy donations from the inhabitants of Earth (With the exception of Townsville, and as much as their bodies could handle anyway.) agianst Power Prof. in his inexperienced Super state. They use the Kaioken X15 and defeat Power Prof. proving the power of this attack.


  • The attack seems to have been based from the Father-Son Kamehameha. It uses Goku sprites (Drew) and Gohan sprites (Corey) in it. And also, the attack ends with a sudden boost of energy (The cousins increasing their Kaioken level to X15), much like Gohan unleashing his full power against Cell.