Destructo Disc (気円斬, Kienzan) is a razor-sharp disc/circle of Ki that can slice through most substances. 


The user raises their hand above their head, and channels their ki into a flat disc above them. It should be noted it took Corey and Drew a fair deal of effort to correctly generate a disc. From that point, one simply needs to throw their hand forward in order to toss it.

Should enough force be applied on either flat side of the disc, the ki structure can be disrupted and the disc will therefore dissipate.

Drew has been shown capable of changing the course of his disc with expert accuracy, somthing Corey can not. Later on Blossom notes that her version of the Destructo Disc is Drew's, giving her the ability to change its trajectory as well. 


  • Drew
  • Corey
  • Mecha Sonic
  • Blossom

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