The Beta RPG Story (or referred to otherwise as "The Beta") is a story arc for the RPG on the "Original Timeline" forums that SSJ7G created for a text-based RPG based off the main series. The story arc itself was based off of Interdimensional Crisis, so it was indeed more of the same - transdimensional villain shows up, seeks Dimensional Stones, and sends heroes to other realms in the multiverse.

This story arc was meant to help SSJ7G brainstorm ideas for Interdimensional Crisis, which had stalled due to writer's block. Ultimately, this helped him as much as it did the other players that stuck around for the duration of the beta

Story (Warning: Spoilers for IDC)Edit

As the heroes continue their training, suddenly, Dark Saibamen start popping up all over the Earth. The Eds, using the Kaioken, are able to make short work of them. Elsewhere, Zach and Drew train in their False Super Saiyan forms, Corey unable to use this form and also join them. As Tai Ma and Polaris spar elsewhere, Dark Saibamen attack them. At about this time, the heroes have decided to enlist the help of any willing martial artists. Makuta, Tai Ma, and Polaris manage to fight off their attackers, but Aaron, who was training elsewhere relative to everyone else, was abducted to another universe by the Dark Saibamen.

Following these events, the real battles began in earnest...

List of Beta-exclusive characters (not in IDC)Edit

  • Ralick
  • Makuta (killed)
  • Otis
  • Polaris (killed)
  • Aaron (killed)
  • Tai Ma
  • Kale
  • Tank the Hedgehog (killed)
  • Shade the Hedgehog (self-destructed)
  • Xavier
  • Jasper (Android 0)
  • Prof. Nefarious
  • His butler
  • Characters from Ratchet & Clank
  • Dark Saibamen (numerous killed)
  • Vlad (killed)