Both versions of Edddy

Edddy is the Fusion between the three Eds using the three way Potara earings (The result is permanent, meaning that any type of fissure or "defusion" is impossible.), although a similar result can be achived through Chaos Fusion. Edddy is one of the two Fusions that bear the title Ultimate Ed, the other being Eden, Edddy's Transfusion (Metamoran)/Chaos Fusion counterpart. Although he is also known as Triple D, he is not to be confused with the fusion between Ed and Edd. So far Edddy has only appeared in Ed Edd n Eddy Z: Multiverse Saga and Andriod 32: Strongest Man in the Universe, both with a different apearence.Due to Edddy being a combination of the three Eds, whose personalities and abilities compliment each other, this fusion is especially powerful as a result.


Edddy's build is is almost identical to Ed's. His skin is pink like Eddy's. He has a head full of spiky hair simliar to Edd's along with Ed's unibrow. His jacket is Ed's and his undershirt is Edd's short sleeve shirt. The jacket has purple around the collar and sleeves similar to Eddy's usual bowling shirt. His pants are light blue, the same colour as Eddy's. In Android 32: The Strongest Man in the Universe, Edddy's apearence is altered due to Ed having outgrown hair and his gi. He wears a green gi and light blue pants. He has purple wrist bands and his hair is a mixture of Ed's and Edd's. He does not have a unibrow for some reason. His undershirt is red like Edd's and his skin tone is still that of Eddy's.


Edddy has been known to have mood swings, due to having three personalities at once. Usually he is quite cocky, which often enrages his enemies. At times, Edd's personality comes out and Edddy says something extremely intelligent one moment and then acts like nothing happened in the next. Whenever he is enraged or in a battle with a tough opponent he increases his power to suit the enviroment, becoming tactical and serious.


As the fusion between the Eds Edddy is very powerful and posses all of the Eds techniques.

Multiverse Saga Edddy

  • Kaioken x1-20
  • Super Kaioken
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Kamehameha Wave
  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Lazah
  • Sphere of the Sphinx
  • Storm of the Sphinx
  • Super ghost Kamikaze Attack
  • Zappity Zap Zap
    Edddy LSWR Style

    Edddy in LSWR Style

  • Maximum Flasher
  • Ray of Riches
  • Masenko

    Edddy Andriod 32

  • Split Form
  • Destructo Disk
  • Magaru Kamehameha
  • Scatter Kamehameha
  • Galactic Donut
  • Maximum Masenko Zap Cannon
  • Zap Beam of Riches