Vital statistics
Name(s) Eddy,

Shorty, Pipsqueak

Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age 13 (Heritage & Chaos Sagas)

14 (Revenge Saga) 15 (PPG Saga) 18 (Inheritance Saga)

Affiliation E-Fighters, Cul-de-Sac Kids, Peach Creek, Rathnik Avenue
Status Active
Base of Operations Peach Creek
Power Level 2,050,000 (base)

82,000,000 (False Super Saiyan)

Eddy is the self appointed leader of the Eds. He is the second strongest next to Ed. He is the one who comes up with scams and gets the other two Eds into trouble.


Eddy has three visible hairs on his otherwise bald head. He is always seen wearing a yellow bowling shirt with light blue jeans. Eddy is the shortest one of the Eds, and even clocks out at being shorter then Corey, a boy two years his junior.

Of the Eds, Eddy is most seen posing in a more rough, stoic manner, often crossing his arms. It can be inferred that his complexion takes on similiar aspects.

Later on, in the Inheritance Saga, he has grown out his hair, which is spiky (much in the same regard as Saiyan hair) and blue. He also dons a red headband, and a new outfit (which largely resembles his previous look)


  • Eddy resembles Goku's friend Krillin because they are very short and bald.
    • Also resembles Krillin in that both grow their hair out in times of relative peace.
  • Eddy considers Sonic his rival, due to his speed.
  • As of Episode 31, Eddy is the only one of the Eds to say a Curse Word.



Eddy as he appears in the original series.