Learn the Kaio-ken
Heritage Saga, Episode 2
Air date May 17, 2009
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Android Attack!
The Energy Absorber Prototypes!!!
This is the second episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z. The Eds learn the Kamehameha and Special Beam Cannon from Corey and Drew and the heroes learn the Kaio-ken from Goku.


The Eds have begun their training under the tutelage of veterans Corey and Drew. Before they begin however, Edd asks for the two to recount the history of the School Wars. The veterans oblige, deciding to focus on the final days of the School Wars, during the assault of the Super School. They recount on how they led the final movement against the facility, the Saiyans themselves infiltrating and destroying the Super School.

As though on cue, a ghost from the tale emerges to meet the heroes...


  • For whatever reason, Corey and Drew completely left out the other members of the NESF.
  • Zach is seen being an extremely aggressive person, which is certainly not the case later in the series.


EEnE Z Episode 2-108:41

EEnE Z Episode 2-1

EEnE Z Episode 2-208:13

EEnE Z Episode 2-2

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