Primary Lotus is a powerful melee technique that creates a large strain on the body. It can only be utilized in unison with the Eight Gates. 


The user must first open the First Gate, Kaimon, in order to utilize the bodies muscles to their utmost to use this technique. Even if this is done, weaker users can still suffer heavy bodily damage. 

Once this is done, the user gets their opponent up in the air and appears under them or behind them and matches their movement. After this the user grabs ahold of the opponent and piledrives them into the ground while rotating at ferocious speeds.

It was first used by Drew in Episode 25, while his first gate was opened under the effect of his False Super Saiyan burst form. It was able to heavily damage Mecha Sonic. He later reattempted this against the robot in Episode 29. He opens the gate of Kaimon and notes that without the extra Ki he had as a False Super Saiyan his body will be heavily torn apart.

Drew once attempted to use this in his adolescence, as shown in Episode 41, but it was quickly countered by the Blossom prototype.

The technique reappears in Episode 51, in which Eddy is revealed to have learned it. Before he could finish it, however, the shoulder injury he suffered from Anti-Drew's Bullet Beam Cannon forces him to pull out of the attack and subsequently curse it. Later in the episode, Anti-Drew uses his own Primary Lotus on Eddy, who suffered no lasting damage from it thanks to opening up the Third Gate Seimon.


  • Drew