Proto Metal Sonic

Proto Metal Sonic as he appears in the series.

The Prototype version of Metal Sonic. Created by Dr. Gero and Proffesor Utonium; but originaly designed by Eggman. 

Biography Universe G-5Edit

Proto Metal Sonic was the trump card of the School Imperial Army, created through stealing the designs from Dr. Robotnik after his refusal to join to cause. He is based on the up and coming hero at the time, Sonic the Hedgehog whose speed was a "scientific find".

Saving their trump card for last, Proto Metal Sonic was cept as the guardian of the Super Schools core. It was their he was confronted by the young NESF member Corey, whom he soundly defeated. This served only as a temporary victory, as Corey unleashed an incredible power from within and defeaed the prototype soundly.

Alternate Reality AppearencesEdit

In the Original Timeline, Proto Metal Sonic is met by Corey and Jasper. After defeating the two, Corey bests the robot with his False Super Saiyan form just as in the animated series. 

Later on in the Heritage Saga it is revealed that Proto Metal Sonics parts and designs were used to create the Android Otis. 


  • Enhanced Speed: Being based on the fastest known creature alive at this point in time, Proto Metal Sonic boasted an incredible speed capable of leaving even a fast fighter like Corey in his dust. 
  • Electric Field: Proto Metal Sonic unleashes a large amount of electrical energy outwards. This was shown doing massive damage to the 
    Electric Field

    The Electric Field

    young Saiyan Corey.


  • Proto Metal Sonic seemed to be an unbeatable opponent in the School Wars. If Corey did not enter FSSJ, he would have lost. 
  • Despite being considered a mere Prototype, he boasts far more power then the finished product shown in the Sonic CD. Though obviously, this Metal Sonic was completed by Eggman and not the two scientists responsible for Proto Metal Sonic.