Return to Duty is the second episode of the Inheritance Saga and the forty-ninth overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, Tailsko and the Eds search for the Dragon Balls, while Silver tells his story.

Summary Edit

A new Knuckles has been born, with Sonic and Shadow failing to recognize the new power. Only after Knuckles explains exactly what happened is the birth of Knuckles Neo explained...

Silver is from the future, and has come back in time in order to warn those gathered of the present threat. He states that in order to stop one man from plunging the earth into total darkness, the "Day of Disaster" must be stopped. Though Shadow initially has trouble believing it's not Silver that's the cause of it, with a quick memory scan from Knuckles, his story is verified as true, as several images from Silver's memories play. Though Sonic suggests they go get the Saiyans, Knuckles shoots this idea down, saying that this time they'll handle it. One quick power demonstration from Knuckles later, everyone grabs the Emeralds and heads off... 

it turns out, they are heading to the same area that Tails and Amy saw earlier. After a wild Raticate attacks and Amy knocks it out, the two enter the chilling space. Team Knuckles arrives a short while later, and breaks directly into the base. 

As the anthros get their investigation underway, Tailsko and the Eds search for the Dragonballs. Through a series of misadventures demonstrating how each of the Eds have been getting sloppy in their martial arts and Ki control, they eventually manage to recover three of the balls. Tailsko is then messaged by the person from the future, telling her and the others to step it up a bit. Tailsko and Ed bud off into one group, Tailsko able to "visualize" the general area of their ball. Edd memorized another with his geographical knowledge and nerd power. Eddy took the radar for himself, and all three went after a different ball.  

While this happens, it appears that whoever is behind the strange space in that forest is getting ready to make his move. Sonic and the others find themselves staring down a horde of mouthless, discolored Tails and Amy clones, who Knuckles sweeps through with ease after sensing they're not the real article. Just as Team Knuckles breaks through, the Eds each encounter mouthless, discolored clones of their own. 

The cousins have been cloned as well?? 

As the Eds stare down the shadows of their past, the mastermind behind this whole incident makes his question very clear... 

"How will you play into my hands, little lights?"