Saibamen Attack
Heritage Saga, Episode 4
Air date August 8, 2009
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Energy Absorber Prototypes!!!
Saibamen Attack!!! is the fourth episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy Z and the fourth Episode in the Heritage Saga. Saibamen are sent to beat the Saiyans. Double D faces a near death experience...


In Episode 4, the ambushes take a near-fatal turn...after defeating most of the Saibamen squad on their training hill, Corey, Drew, and the Eds all search out for the last one, when it unexpectedly lunges out of nowhere and attaches to Double-D. Screaming in fear, Double-D is blown up by the kamikaze attack. Double-D is instantly knocked unconscious. Fearing the worst, Corey, Drew, Ed and Eddy believe there is nothing that they can do, when suddenly, Corey remembers his spare bean. He then feeds it to Double-D, who immediately goes for his hat. Because of this experience, the Eds now believe they are Saiyans.



Ed, Double-D, Eddy, Corey, Drew


Kevin, Saibamen


EEnE Z Episode 4-1

EEnE Z Episode 4-1

EEnE Z Episode 4-2

EEnE Z Episode 4-2