The Energy Absorber Prototypes!
Heritage, Episode 3
Air date August 8, 2009
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Saibamen Attack!!
The is the third episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z. Kevin sends more Androids to defeat the Eds and the Saiyans.

Ed and Eddy get ready to use Kaio-ken x2 against the Androids.


This episode opens up with Corey training on the hill he and his Saiyan compatriots have been training on ever since he arrived. He is up early to learn the Destructo-Disc attack. As the hours pass, Kevin produces ten more Androids, five of which are Energy Absorber prototypes.

Corey eventually arrives on the scene, cutting off one of the first wave's member's heads with a Destructo Disc. The others quickly dispatch the other four. And when the other prototypes do show up, they are also quickly dispatched thanks to the heroes' use of the Kaioken attack.

Kevin vows to get revenge, and thus resolves to plant the seeds of the Saibamen that he received at their training site...

Did you know...Edit

  • ...that despite the name of the episode, the Androids are not actually seen absorbing any energy?
  • ...that Corey and Drew are at least ahead by one level of Kaio-ken than the Eds in this episode?