The main antagonist of the Inheritance Saga and the Final Villain of the series.  The Final Villain will not be revealed until his/her appearance in the series. This page serves as a gathering of any fan ideas for who the villain could be, and as a result can be edited by anyone. ==Theories== Bojack The Kankers (Dismissed: Stated not to appear in the series) Eddy's Brother (Dismissed: Confirmed to appear in an OVA) Utonium (Dismissed: Has died in the PPG Saga and was not and will not be revived in the near future.) Omega Shenron (Dismissed: Once stated to be the Final Villian as false spoilers to stop a fan for asking for spoilers.) Lavos (Dismissed by Toonking911:"Why would...Lavos be in EEnEZ.) Mephiles (has been confirmed as the final villain of the series)   RowdyRuff Boys (Confirmed to appear in the movie) Mecha Eds Changeling Character Eggman Nega Aku HIM Frieza The KND Sarah Evil Goku Top Ones's Iblis/Solaris Time Eater Perfect Dark Gaia Hyper Dark Cyber Nazo Seelkadoom Aeon ==Revealed Information== *Confirmed by Toonking911 that while the Final Villain's power level is lower than, say, Buu, he/she is far more dangerous.  *The Final Villain is not a fan character, though his/her backstory and such are original. *The Inheritance Saga was originally known as the Final Saga, written as the first piece of the series. Sup

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