The Two-Headed Threat
Revenge Saga, Episode 23
Air date June 7, 2011
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Chaotic Finale
The Great Emerald Hunt
The Two-Headed Threat is the first episode of the Revenge Saga and the twenty-third episode of Ed Edd n Eddy Z. In this episode, Utonium and Eggman are revealed to have teamed up with each other to attempt to kill the heroes and take over the world.


11 months have passed since Episode 22, and as the newest episode opens, Sonic, Corey and Eddy are sparring at 50x gravity. After a short sparring scene, the timer resets and the gravity goes back down. Drew, Shadow, and Edd then spar with their unique talents displaying. During this, Knuckles arrives. Tails also recieves a message from Eggman and his new associate. The second half of the message is written in a code, which takes Tails a while to crack. He finishes after Knuckles and Ed finish their sparring match.

During the reading of the message, Ed flips out. After Eddy "cures" this, the message is read to the point where a certain city is mentioned. On the mention of Townsville's recent defection from the Union, Corey, Drew, and the Eds suddenly realize that Utonium is alive and well, and working with Eggman to once again take over the world. As the two scientists above converse on the situation, the heroes prepare for the war against the scientists, leaving Tails' house once prepared.

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