The Ultimate Lifeform's Title
PowerPuff Girls Saga, Episode 43
Air date October 27, 2013
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Ultimate Lifeform's Title is the sixth episode of the PPG Saga and the forty-third overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, Shadow fights the PPGs over his title, eventually having an epiphany.


Shortly afterward, the heroes made their way to Townsville, finding it a ruined city devoid of life. The heroes prepare to battle, but before a battle can officially start, Shadow suddenly warps the Saiyans away. The hedgehog explains that it was because of the insult they'd told him when they briefly met a few episodes back. Initially, Shadow wanted to fight alone to prove the better, but Sonic and Knuckles managed to convince him to fight with them.

On the exact other side of the planet, Drew raged; vowing to beat Shadow down for warping the Saiyans that far away. Edd estimates it'll be a five minute trip at their max speed; to which the Saiyans quickly start flying back.

Back in the Pendulum Room, Corey fights with Frieza, but certain conditions make it unclear if he will win this fight. Back in Townsville, the fight gets intense; however, it is revealed the PPGs have a power to reveal; a power attained through absorbing the undestroyed Prototypes from Episode 39: with their hair made spikier and their bodies aging to a teenaged sort of look, they quickly dominate the fight.

Even with Sonic's newfound max speed, it's all they can do to make the PPGs flinch. Having had an epiphany, Shadow vows to protect the things that matter, assuming his Dark form and going absolutely all-out. He briefly begins to pay back the beating they gave each of them, throwing Buttercup's words back at the group as a whole.

The Saiyans now only have one more minute to get back to the city, but will they make it; for that matter, will Shadow need the assistance?!