Unexplained Pressure
PowerPuff Girls Saga, Episode 38
Air date March 1, 2013
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Unexpected Pressure is the first episode of the PPG Saga and the thirty-eighth overall episode in the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the heroes get an explanation as to why they've felt a need to train for so long.


It has been one year since the end of the Revenge Saga, and an unexpected boost in training activity leaves the Kids a little annoyed. Tails, Amy, and Tailsko also seem concerned with the rise in training activity. Knuckles ponders over the current events while Sonic goes for a run. Shadow, meanwhile, listens to the radio...and a disturbing broadcast.

Wasting no time, the black hedgehog declares his time as a lone wolf is over, immediately teleporting himself to Sonic, then both hedgehogs to Knuckles. As the training between the cousins wraps up, they arrive, telling Tails to go straight to the news.

The broadcast leaves the veterans of the School Wars slack-jawed as they see familiar structures on the broadcast. The Mayor of Townsville says that these are all precautions; against the Saiyans and the outside world. Then, in a twist of fate, an old foe is still alive and kicking: Utonium is still alive! With one side of his face burned and an eye lost, he declares that this time, he will win, with the help of three "weapons" of his own creation.

One of the weapons kills the gathered reporters, blowing them to pieces. Faced with this new threat, the team strategist, Drew, plans out a course of action, as the heroes debate on where to go from here...